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Unifi的技术人员用了差不多4个小时才安装完毕呀! :whew: 过程真的是出人意料的. 一时说Router的问题, 一时说Port的问题, 然后才发现是我的unifi帐号问题. 还好最后终于解决了! ;))

可是安装后, 发现家里一台电脑不能探测到unifi的SSID. :green:

幸好Google老大的帮助才能解决这问题. 以下是解决此问题的方法:

  1. Use a LAN cable to connect your computer to your router or use a friend’s PC who could access your wireless network.
  2. Log in to your D-Link control panel via in your browser. Enter username as “admin”, password leave blank. Click on Login button.
  3. Go to Wireless Setup on your left hand panel.
  4. Go to Manual Wireless Connection Options section, click on the Manual Wireless Connection Setup button.
  5. Go to Wireless Network Global Settings, un-check the Enable Auto Channel Selection option.
  6. Change the Wireless Channel to 11.
  7. Save the settings. Restart your computer, and then magically, you could reuse your wireless unifi connection again!


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