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Phuket With Chloe* Day 2

On the second day, we took a trip to the Elephant Safari half day tour. The van picked us from the hotel at 930am so we could have time to have our breakfast prepared by the hotel.

We are heading for a elephant camp. The activity starts with elephant trekking on the back of the elephant through the river and dense tropical jungle up to the mountain. Chloe was so excited when she saw the elephant. The elephant trekking took about 30 minutes with a great an exciting, enjoyable, and unforgettable experience for Us, especially Chloe. This was the first time she saw the real elephant. :) and she feed the elephant with bananas.

After that we went for a Elephant show. You must experience the special baby elephant massage. Following by the Monkey Show, Chloe wanted to take a photo with the little Monkey :) She was surprised to see the monkey pick coconut from the tree.

Thai Boxing show is part of the Safari program. The most exciting program of today is Canoeing. We paddle the canoe down to the beautiful river, Chloe loves the canoeing very much.. Lastly we back to the camp and enjoyed our fish spa. This was the first time i experience the fish spa, hubby too scare to try on it.. hehe

We backed to the hotel about 1pm and we had our lunch in the hotel restaurant.

Our next activity is Phuket Fantasea Show. Phuket Fantasea Show is the most famous  Thai Cultural theme park that is only open at night, 6pm. To enter this park, one has to purchase tickets for either is seafood buffet dinner or its Fantasy of a Kingdom Show or both. WE opted for both since it is cheaper and we went for gold seat to.o :)

Ticket for the show cost THB1500 each, and the upgrade for buffet dinner was THB400, making it a total of THB1900. For a better dinner experience with fresh seafood, one could top up another THB700 to the package price, making it a total of THB2600. The shuttle that picked us up was pink in colour and we reached our destination just before 6pm.

The park was not very huge, since one was supposed to complete visiting it within a couple of hours of the night. There were several grand buildings within the park that served as jewelry store, souvenir shops, restaurants or even bars. I was most impressed with some of the building designs that looked so grand and elegant.

The place for our buffet looked like a place for royalty. OMG..It was majestic,  and golden!  The Golden Kinnaree houses both the standard buffet and the seafood buffet. We admire how organized this place was run. Every one had a table number for the buffet, so there was absolutely no chaos or disorder even though the place could fit hundreds of people.

After the satisfying dinner, we went for an elephant ride here again before the show started at 9pm.  It cost about THB590 for a 15-minute ride.

Now is the highlight of the night -The Fantasy of Kingdom Show, which was help at the Palace of the Elephants theatre. We are not allow to bring camera even cell phones and we have to pass our belongings to the counter and collect after the show. Amazing, their system are working well.

The show is a cultural one. There were clowns, magic show, cultural dances and also acrobats (who performed from the ceilings above the audience). Clearly, the animals were the main performers – from elephants to even chicken and birds (yes, they were all on stage running about). They were well trained. This the most exciting part for Chloe. She kept telling me : Mummy, Daddy, See Chicken, Birds…. I want i want!! :)

After hours of fun & entertainment, the show came to an end. It was really a fun night in a fantasy world. Now, this is quite world class! :)

What a tiring Day !


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