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A meal at Ole Ole Bali @ Sunway Pyramid 12122009

Ole Ole Bali – That’s where hubby, me and MIL had dinner today. It’s on the outer side of the building, along Bubba Gump Shrimp and beside Amazing Thai.Generally , the interior is pretty good and the environment had a nice feel to it. The restaurant is quite big with an outside seating area. There are a different area  to enjoy the foods. Alfresco dining, or you can sit at a normal dining table or take a seat at one of their special areas, a bit like a Japanese restaurant.

Hubby ordered grilled fillet and MIL ordered Nasi Campur Ole Ole which consists of rice, a fried keropok, grilled squid, grilled fish, prawns, choice of chicken or beef rendang , assortment of sambals, and kangkung belacan. I shared the Nasi Campur with MIL because it was a huge portion. As for drinks, ordered Coca -cola (Hubby), Ice Capuccino ( Myself) and Orange Juice for MIL.

The food was good.By the time i finished everything on my plate, I was really full.

After dinner, we went for a movie, The Storm Warriors @ 8pm  :)))

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