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我想Arsene Wenger应该是自打嘴巴吧! 他常说其他球员爱假摔, 可是阿仙奴就也是其中的强者呀!

2006 Wenger:

“We have to fight it and there is only one way to punish people diving obviously: suspension. Once it is in the game it is difficult to get it out. Once a guy knows he might be punished he will not dive.”

2009-08-26 Wenger:

“Sometimes the players dive just because they pushed the ball too far and the only way to get something out of the situation is to dive. We are all managers who can never say that one of our players has not dived. Nobody can say that in our league. I can say that when my team are not involved I am 100% against it.” [如果是自己的球队就可以假摔吗?]

“I believe it was not a penalty but I’m not sure the keeper didn’t touch him with his right knee,”

“Eduardo might have jumped out of the way as well. I have never asked anyone to dive to win a penalty. I do not want a penalty which is not a penalty but I do not go as far as to say Eduardo dived.”

“Yes, because you are thinking, ‘Why has he done that?’ and you know you cannot explain it. At times I saw it and I said that I didn’t to protect the player, because I could not find any rational explanation to defend him.” [睁眼讲骗话!]

讲人就会, 自己也不是一样的做!


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