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Skateboard and Scooter

Chloe & Ethan

Chloe & Ethan

Last weekend, me and my little brother, Ethan Wong, we went to a shop called ”Decathlon”. Thats the place who sell holidays staff, unlike winter staff, summer staff and etc..

When we walk like in the middle of the shop, I saw a skateboard and my little brother saw a scooter. We play on the small area which is very fun, I almost can do the skateboard alone without holding any bars!  [lol]

After we play for a while, my father let us to buy the skateboard + scooter!!! We fill with excitement because we are allowed to . buy the skateboard and scooter! But i have to pay my father $129 but, luckily I have enough money to give my dad, but I never bring my money so  my father help me buy then i can pay him back.When we went home, I use my money to pay him then I was done.  :bigsmile:

After two days, me and my little brother went to the playground to play our new skateboard + scooter!!! When we reach there, my grandma ( my father’s mother ) go jogging, my little brother play scooter but not alone of course ( he play with my father ), I play skateboard at the playground but is a bit far but my kakak ( maid ) decided that she want to follow me. After a while, my kakak said that i’m already good so I trust her ( i’m still kind of good, lol! ). Then I decided that I can skate myself, so i skate myself until i fall down. I scratch my leg on the rock, it was bleeding!!  :P


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