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Perfect Skin. Looks Young Forever

People tell me I looks young, I doen’t look like 32. Therefore i hardly bother much about skincare especially eyes care nd fine lines :( , not until i gave birth to Chloe. Now adays, people always talking about anti-aging, fine line treatment,, wrinkles.. bla bla bla .. And I have to admit..lack of sleep have put a toll on my skin… :((  The next morning , once i stepped in the office,my female colleague (YC) will ask me- you didnt sleep well yesterday night?? why you look so tired and………I was horrified when YC told me, her friend commented that I look older than my lovely hubby .. WTH..( though i am older than him in term of age, but all this while ALL of our friends/relatives saying I am look younger than him) … So, what is look younger ?? Me or Hubby???

I now find myself  spending  more and more time touching up my eye bags and buying various cream to minimise the fine lines at my fore head and corner of my eyes… [-O: … I start taking cxxxxx supplement every morning to help my skin  reclaim a youthful appearance…. sigh…. BUT i heard that some of the cxxxx pills known to help both with weight loss and reduction of wrinkles…OMG!!!!!!  I NEED to gain weight NOT lose weight… Do you think I need to stop taking my supplement?? or continue………


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  1. har jie says

    hehe..woman always trying hard to fight for youthful look..
    but u really look young, think just because not enough sleep that cause you have big eye bag.
    i dunno abt the cxxxxx supplement ,but if u think it’s causing u lose weight, then just stop it and try to look for another solution bah.
    there’s lots of solution that claim can help woman stay young..
    let’s gambateh together lah.. :lovx

  2. chingyee says

    sad….. lack of sleep,, yes always… who’s fault?? My HUBBY loh……

  3. 史努比武士 says

    :sigh: 都是女人在找浪费钱的借口!

    • har jie says

      哈哈哈哈。。。 :))

  4. hong ye says


    • 史努比武士 says

      [-X 洪爷, 你这样的想法就大错特错呀!
      女人呀, 就会得寸进尺的呀!
      你这样的想法一定会后悔的呀! :roll:

  5. chingyee says

    Har Jie 说得好 :clap: 那个女人不爱美啊

  6. Jen says

    u looks younger than benny lah..
    if said the eye beg terrible.. no one can beat benny
    he looks always not enough sleep. wahahaha….
    what is the cxxxxx supplement? i want to look young and loose weight too!!!!!

    • 史努比武士 says

      [-X 我的眼袋很厉害吗? 我怎么没有发现呀?
      我时常都精神焕发的呀? 那有不够睡的样子呢? :think:
      你们女人呀, 要自然美啦….别常靠后天补救呀!
      后天补救的东西都是钱呀 $-) !

      • har jie says

        熬夜时还充满血丝,那时更恐怖了。。 :evil:
        所以大嫂别怕,你会比笨泥王更年轻的。。。 :D

        • 史努比武士 says

          :come: 我那有眼睛充满血丝呀! :green:

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