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How to prevent theft of your source code!

Here are a number of very effective methods of keeping unscrupulous surfers from stealing your HTML source:

  1. Use the <INVISIBLE> </INVISIBLE> tags around the entire document.
  2. Use the DONTSTEAL attribute in the <BODY> tag.
  3. Ftp to your server, select all files and directories, hit “Delete”.
  4. Put every existing copy of every file on floppies, place them in a shoebox and bury them in the backyard. There is another version of this method which involves placing the floppies in a plastic bag and hiding them in a different sort of hole. Both are equally effective.
  5. Password protect your entire site and make sure no one has the password, not even you.
  6. Employ a small but fanatically loyal and well-armed band of mercenaries to guard your site.
  7. Start>Run>format C:\
  8. Attack dogs, preferably rabid.
  9. Use any version of Microsoft Frontpage to create your site. (This won’t prevent people from viewing your source, but no one will want to steal it.)
  10. Don’t put your pages on the web.


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