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The Confusion

读了Ken的博客文章, 觉得蛮有意思的. 特此分享.

The CEO requirement

One day, Maco had been asked to go into his CEO room. The CEO tells Maco to design a mock for a moving vehicle that able to send him from destination A to destination B. After a very big story on his CEO requirement so Maco went back to his place and try to digest his CEO requirement.

Requirement study

Maco went back to his place and do his requirement studies. After a while on the study, he suddenly found out that he did not know whether the CEO wants a sedan car, luxury car or a MPV.  He started to get confuse as every type of vehicle is actually able to meet the requirement but different type of vehicle had different of spec in doing the mock. So he plans to ask Area Manager for more details on what actually the CEO wants.

The proper planning

Maco went to Area Manger to get for further clarifications. Maco brings out all his concern to the Area Manager and brings all the studies to him. The Area Manager found it very serious and he suggested proper planning need to be executed in order to have the best mock up present to his CEO. The Area Manager decided that he will call up all the Department Head to have a meeting and going to provide a statistic on which type of vehicle that best suit the current market.  After hearing the planning, Maco starts to get relief and continue back his daily task.

Nothing had planned

One month later …….. Sales Manager come to Maco and asked him about the status of the design. Maco get shocked as he is still pending the decisions on the Area Manager. He told the Sales Manager that the Area Manager had promised to come out a statistic on which type of vehicle should design. The Sales Manager also shocked as he had been told from the CEO that he needs the proposed design on next month but now actually nothing had been proceed.  Maco started to get blur, so he planned to go back to the Area Manager to ask for the statistic.

Back to basic

Maco rushed to the Area Manager Room to get for explanation. Maco asked whether the statistic had come out from different department. Area Manager once again seriously answer to Maco that the statistic still haven’t come out, but he told Maco in order to safeguard yourself please design a mock of sedan car, luxury car and a MPV for CEO to choose himself and this will never go wrong.

The End

Maco  (T_T).


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  1. Ken Wah says

    I got copyright in the above article leh. kakakaka

    • Snoopy says

      $-) 这就是版权税吧! [lol]

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