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Turning 31’s ….

This year 2009, I am turning 31 years old. Sigh! Don’t feel particularly happy about my big “three – one”, no more “two – ++++” for me. In fact, i feel depressed. Time seriously flies, especially the past 2, 3 years (since I met Benny, My Cute HUbby). I really have been “productive” in each and every way – literally! Worked @ Telebiz ( Now transferred), met benny, dated, got pregnant (sigh…what a ‘careless’), married, delivered BB, and now I am a mum of a 10-month old ++ baby-girl- My dear Chloe & little monkey. She crawls around, stands up on her own and just never stops moving around. She is very sensitive to any kind of sound, especially TV..To be honest, I am still in the process of digesting everything. I feel so old, especially after my pregnancy. I still have 2 pounds to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy shape, Working hard on it. BUT  Got lots of compliments from people (hohoho!). People say I don’t look like I have given birth! :P

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  1. eugene says

    you dont looked like a 31 years old. don’t worry, 30s is the new 20s!

  2. Snoopy says

    这是因为我疼她的关系呀….我对她非常的照顾哟! :dsadsad:

  3. chingyee says

    HAHAHA…. Thanks for yr compliment Eugene :P

  4. Snoopy says

    妳怎么没有谢谢我一直以来对妳的照顾呢? :(

  5. chingyee says

    好啦好啦, 谢谢你…硬要逼人说谢谢haizzzz :~

  6. Jen says

    dai shou… only 2 pounds le.. ppl normally after get birth is fat 5KG++ de :P
    u r still pretty n in good shape, no worry :dsadsad: :dsadsad:

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