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Sek Yuen Restaurant@Jalan Pudu, KL

适苑酒家-Sek Yuen,is one of the oldest Chinese restaurant located in Jalan Pudu. IN fact, there are 2 Sek Yuen side by side, 1 with air-conditioned and another w/o air-conditioned. Definitely i chose the one which is cooler inside becox of my dearest chloe.

My first visit to this famous old resrtaurant was last Saturday, for father day celebration. We opt for their air-conditioned shop which is just next door. This restaurant is always full of people ( you can find this restaurants in lot Food Blogger site)

When i stepped in the restaurant, i noticed  most of the workers are uncles and aunties..We ordered their famous roasted duck (pei pa), kai lan fried with roasted pork, Teow Chew Steamed fish, crab meat fried with egg ( eat with cabbage) and yam fried with chicken and cashew nut.

The pei pa duck quite big portion, eting the duck with their special plum sauce.. this is my first time eat duck with this kind of sauce :) but we finished it as it’s really good, the skin is really crispy! The steamed fish is average, nothing to shout about. The kai lan fried with roasted pork quite oily… very disappointed with it. Overall, the foods here seems to be price reasonably.. very cheap in my opinion.. XD

Total costs for 5 dishes : RM158-00
Contact Number: 03-9222 9457 / 9222 0903

Location : 315, Jalan Pudu, 55100 KL


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