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Our Love Nest (Part I)

The latest new was. we have gotten the key to our new condo at Viva Residency last Friday. Hubby and I was so excited, until we walked into our unit and realized…. The living hall is empty, rooms are empty..You know what does mean to me? It means I need TIME to think and plan how to renovate our new house. The first thing i did when enter the house, is to check out on the master bedroomQuite disappointed, the room looked rather small. Cracking me UP over there !!!

In the new house, Hubby and I already start discussing on the renovate the kicthen and cabinets trend,  living rooms….


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  1. Jen says

    photo looks the living room is pretty big ya..

    • Snoopy says

      :think: 设计是将厅弄大, 可是就牺牲了房间咯… :xknow:

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