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Gary Neville的激情

Gary Neville的激情

Gary Neville的激情

“That’s why United are where they are,” said Redknapp. “They are a team and they are all together. Gary Neville has won everything there is to win but you look at the excitement he showed at his team winning, when he wasn’t even in the team. He wasn’t sitting on the bench with his arms folded. He was jumping higher than Fergie. When we played United at White Hart Lane the week before, my coaches, Tim Sherwood and Les Ferdinand, were in the stands along with the United boys who weren’t subs. They were jumping up and down at every decision and again when they scored their goals. That winning mentality goes right through the club. Gibson and all the other boys wanted to play but they also have those feelings that they showed. There are not many clubs where you get that. It’s something you’d like to develop. It’s hard to change some people but that’s what makes winning teams. I thought it was amazing to see Neville’s feelings show and the joy he had at winning.”

为什么曼联会成功? 为什么曼联会这么受欢迎?

那是因为曼联球员对足球的热爱比其他球队都来得强呀! 曼联球队对球员灌输的是对足球的热诚而不是对金钱的贪恋呀! [-X

曼联领队Alex Ferguson一直对球员管得很严格, 那是因为要他们知道没有人可以大过一个球队. 曼联永远是以球队荣誉为主的. 这就是为什么曼联所出的球员遍布全英国了!

这与其他用金钱打造的球队是无法效仿的. Gerrard和Terry对足球的忠诚? 他们都曾经为拿不到冠军和更高的薪金而想过转队哟! 难道这就是忠诚吗?

最近以来, 曼联球员如Darren Fletcher和Park Ji Sung都表态说他们会以曼联球赛为主, 国家赛为次来表明对曼联的尊敬!

试想象如果连一个候补球员也对自己的球队赢得比赛而如此高兴, 那个球队怎么会不成功呢?

所以我说呀! 我们应该赞赏Gary Neville对球队的热爱而不是处罚他过分对球队进球而疯狂庆祝呀.

:clap:曼联而骄傲! :clap:


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