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Marche Movenpick_The Curve

Last Sunday, My Hubby was away to China. So, I have a chance to date my friends for dinner and do some shopping :P

For Dinner, we chose Marche at The Curve. This is the first time i got to know about Marche, I was instantly blown away by its concept as well as its guest seating arrangements. Thanks to xx, for recommending this place to me :)

In the Marche, there are divided into few sections: Salad, Grill, Savovry Crepe, Desserts, Home Made Pizza, Hot Coffee & Cold Beverags, Seafood. Food lovers can go for their favourite dishes like crispy fresh salads, grilled steaks+lamb, sausages, and delicious seafood.

Before we ordered, we walked around the restaurant for about 30minutes to ‘hunt’ for our food XD. Three of us ordered different dishes, i.e. Lamb Shank Stew, Chicken Chorizo Sausages ( I LOVE IT), Marche Crepe, Grilled Chicken Breast, and Mushroom Soup. Drinks- Orange Juice, Lemon Juice and Strawberry+Banana Smoothies.

A revisit would be worthy. I will bring my Hubby visit this restaurant when he back from China. :)

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  1. hunterteh says

    the style seem like one of the restaurant in SG that I visited before.
    nice food there?

    Please tell dai lou, sorry for rush schedule,
    cant date him out.
    Call him while I am in KL again.

  2. chingyee says

    The food served there, not bad.. :)
    OK sure.. he is busy too lah..i will inform him

  3. Jen says

    dishes looks good!
    i know this restaurant but not yet hv chance to try that :-)
    will it be costly? hehehe

  4. chingyee says

    The price, quite reasonable… Should go and try :)

  5. Jen says

    好的,找天就去try try看:-D

  6. har jie says

    yah..same as the 1 in vivo..
    food not bad..but too crowded when i visit there.

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