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MY 2009 Wishlist …:p :)

New 2009!!! New ME ….(but no new Hubby..kakaka )

Anyway, we need to always make each day a new day for a new you…..agree?? :P guess time really flies huh? Another year has already past and already into another New Year….7 days to be exact….

Have u made your NEw Year’s Resolution?  Me ah…. more happy, more healthy, more more money money $$$$… OK serious… let me share my 2009 wish list ( Hubby, must read n remember ah :P )

Here U go……

1) Wish can have a relaxing holiday breaks with cute hubby

2) Hubby can spare more time for me and baby

3) Spend more time with My little BB – make sure BB is healthy and Happy :)

4) Plan for 2nd baby…

5) Save more money – for better living, for our new condo..(renovation ..sigh)

6) Can have 2nd LV Bag and Burberry (haha) …. others brand also can ah..more to add when times come

Add one more ..7) Family healthy, hubby career smooth smooth hahaha

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  1. Snoopy says

    O.O 破产了!

  2. eugene says

    the first three seems to be a repeat with the same message of asking benny to spend more time with you…

  3. Snoopy says

    Eugene, :P 我想她的意思不是重复3次. 而是说我必须要用比以前多3倍的时间来陪她们呀!

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